Doulas, Night Nannies, Baby Nurses and more…

What does a Triangle Mothercare Postpartum Doula do?

New Baby ServicesPostpartum Doulas are sometimes referred to as nannies, night nurses, baby nurses.  Many kinds of support are available to help the new family with their baby.  Triangle Mothercare postpartum doulas specialize in caring for both the mother and the baby during the newborn’s first few months. Her goal is to work herself out of a job, so that when she leaves on her last day with your family, you’re healthy, rested, confident, and back on your feet with a household that is running smoothly! She provides non-intrusive, non-judgmental support according to your needs and wishes. She is there to facilitate your time to settle in, relax and heal, while making sure that your daily routines of life and household remain anchored as much as possible. She is there to free you to do nothing but be with your baby and family, or to take care of the baby so you can rest or attend to your personal needs.

Triangle Mothercare postpartum doulas are professionally trained by *DONA or **CAPPA and Triangle Mothercare.  Our postpartum doulas have multiple years of experience caring for newborn babies (and their families!).  The doulas’ newborn care experience is drawn from so many different areas; some of our doulas are also postpartum nurses, certified lactation counselors (CLC), CNA’s, birth doulas, have been nannies or have mothered several children themselves!

All of Triangle Mothercare postpartum doulas have had background checks, are CPR certified, have had Tdap vaccination, TB skin test, annual flu vaccination and carry liability insurance.

What is a Doula?

The word “doula” comes from a Greek word that means “servant to a woman.” Our doulas are professionally trained “postpartum” doulas who provide education and support for the mother, father, baby and extended family during the first three months of the baby’s new life with them. Her expertise and experience includes support for feeding and caring for newborns (onesies, multiples, preemies). She educates parents on how to interpret and respond to a baby’s needs, teaches soothing techniques, helps parents understand baby sleep needs and problems, and helps integrate the new little one into the existing family with siblings. She promotes transitioning everyone into a peaceful home. (There are also “birth doulas” who attend the laboring mother during delivery.)  Triangle Mothercare also offers overnight care to ensure mom, dad and siblings get a peaceful night’s sleep, especially to help mom recover quickly.

“Dear Marcia: I quickly learned the definition of a postpartum doula; they are part sister, part nurse, part teacher, part cheerleader and all parts friend. I could not have survived those first few weeks without you. Just seeing you walk in our front door, with your calm energy and gentle smile, gave me the strength to continue.” — Robyn S. » read more client comments

Our services include:

  • Sharing mother-knowledge and assisting with newborn care
  • Emotional support for adjustment to new parenting roles
  • Mother care for a restful recovery
  • Breastfeeding support or guidance on bottle feeding
  • Lactation consulting available (IBCLC on staff)
  • Reassuring care for siblings (and pets!)
  • Day and/or overnight care
  • Experienced help with multiples and preemies
  • Support during reflux/colic/fussiness and other challenges
  • Meal preparation and grocery shopping
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Education, resources and referrals

Sleep Education

Very young babies are not neurologically and physically able to go to sleep on their own and sleep alone for long night stretches.  Our overnight doulas have learned the tricks of the trade in regards to newborn sleep…they stay awake all night and are able to help new parents establish a bedtime routine that fosters a good sleep environment.  While caring for your baby in the early weeks, they can help you read your baby’s sleepy cues, educate you on the science of sleep and help you determine the method of “sleep coaching” that best fits you and your baby.


*DONA – (Doulas of North America) is a training, certifying and regulatory body for birth and postpartum doulas. It requires extensive study, training and mentoring before certification. For more information see
**CAPPA – (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) is a non-profit international organization founded in 1998 to offer professional membership and training to childbirth and postpartum professionals. For more information see