Postpartum Doula Prices and Packages

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You can schedule our services for any number of days and nights…even if you only need help for just one day and/or one night!  You do not have to purchase a package.  

Our single baby rate is $25/hour, twin rate is $26/hour and triplet rate is $27/hour. Please contact us to discuss rates for quadruplets or more.  

You can schedule your days and/or nights across several weeks – they do not have to be scheduled consecutively or all in one or two weeks. 

Financing available for postpartum doula services, including packages.  You do not have to pay for our services upfront.  A deposit (20% of estimated total contract price) is required to reserve services.  We offer a special payment plan once you get started with us.  We use an online payment service so you can pay anytime, night or day, and we accept credit cards.  Our services are also tax deductible and we will provide you with our tax ID number to get your tax deduction.

For families interested in packages

most-popular-packagePampered Mom Deluxe –   This package provides families with a daytime doula who can help you with breastfeeding, newborn care and even help you establish a great daytime routine so your household runs smoothly (even with a newborn!).  This package also provides you with an overnight postpartum doula who cares for the new baby overnight allowing mom and dad to get a good night’s rest.  She can even bring the baby to you to continue breastfeeding through the night.  She can also do light housekeeping such as dishes and folding laundry to get your next morning started off well.

6 four-hour weekdays and 8 eight-hour weeknights (Sun-Thurs) of your choice

$2160 (single baby)/$2248 (twins)/$2336 (triplets) *A savings of $40.00 Financing available


The “Witching Hours” Package – Babies under 12 weeks experience a common fussy period starting in the afternoons lasting until later in the night.  It is very normal, but that doesn’t mean it is easy!  With this package you can have a doula help with soothing/calming your baby during the “witching hours.”  She can also provide you with tips on how to manage this time as well as offer some suggestions for promoting good nighttime sleep.  This package is especially helpful if dad travels during the week or works late and is not able to be at home during the evenings!

4 four-hour weekday evenings (Mon-Fri) of your choice

$385 (single baby)/$401(twins)/$417 (triplets) *A savings of $15.00 Financing available


The Good Start – This daytime package is great if you are a new mom and need help getting breastfeeding off to a good start.  You’ll learn the basics of baby care such as bathing, soothing techniques and learning about your newborn.  It’s also wonderful package if you need help caring for other children who are at home.

6 four-hour weekdays (Mon-Fri) of your choice

$580 (single baby)/$604 (twins)/$628 (triplets) *A savings of $20.00 Financing available


Overnight Sleep Package – This package provides parents with an overnight doula who cares for the baby while mom and dad sleep.  The doula can bring the baby to mom to continue breastfeeding through the night or she can give the baby a bottle.  She will also change and soothe the baby back to sleep.  The doula can also help with quiet household chores such as laundry or washing bottles and pump parts when baby is sleeping.

6 eight-hour weeknights (Sun-Thurs) of your choice

$1170 (single baby)/$1218 (twins)/$1266 (triplets) *A savings of $30.00 Financing Available


Good Start Deluxe – This package has the same benefits as the “Pampered Mom Deluxe” package above, but is an abbreviated version.  Your daytime doula can help you establish a good nap routine while your overnight doula provides tips and tricks to help promote good sleep at night!

5 four-hour weekdays and 3 eight-hour weeknights (Sun-Thurs) of your choice

$1070 (single baby)/$1114 (twins)/$1158 (triplets) *A savings of $30.00 Financing Available


Doula in Training – We love to provide opportunities to help our new doulas gain experience.  This reduced rate package is for families on a more limited budget and who are open to having a doula who has had completed all necessary and required training and pre-requisites, but just needs more experience helping families with their newborn(s) up to 12 weeks old.  She is still able to provide all postpartum doula services night or day!

6 eight-hour weeknights (Sun-Thurs) of your choice

$960 (single baby)/$1008 (twins)/$1056 (triplets) Financing Available

6 four-hour weekdays (Mon-Fri) of your choice

$480 (single baby)/$504 (twins)/$528 (triplets) Financing Available

**All package prices are based on our weekday and weeknight rates.  Weekend days and nights can be used in packages but will be charged at our weekend rate.


All of our services are tax deductible and we accept credit cards.

All of our postpartum care services are great gifts for new mothers.  Contact us to get added to our postpartum gift registry! 

Every family has unique needs, and we can help you arrange postpartum and baby care services for the times you need them the most.

One of the reasons that Triangle Mothercare is the #1 Postpartum Care service in the Triangle Area is because we understand how important it is for you to get what you want and need from our services. We are happy to arrange a combination of day and/or night care (based upon your needs), with the appropriate caregiver, that best supports you and your family. We offer you a free, no-obligation consultation to help you determine your needs, preferences and the best way to use your doula.  Director of Triangle Mothercare and a postpartum consultant will meet with you personally and help you decide how our service could benefit you and how to design the service to help you best. If you contact us early in your pregnancy, we will be better able to offer you your preferred schedule.