About Triangle Mothercare

raleigh, durham, chapel hill, doula, baby, overnight, sleep, night nurse, night nannyEvery new baby needs special loving care from mother, father, family, and loved ones. During those first few days at home, it can be so hectic and confusing that special loving care is difficult to offer. Mom is exhausted, Dad is unsure, family and friends are ooohing and ahhhing over the little one, who, when not sleeping is wailing. Who brings calm into this family’s life right now?

Enter a postpartum doula who is trained to give baby care, mother care, family care, and love and support to everyone who needs it!

“Dear Triangle Mothercare: I quickly learned the definition of a postpartum doula; they are part sister, part nurse, part teacher, part cheerleader and all parts friend. I could not have survived those first few weeks without our doula. Just seeing her walk in our front door, with her calm energy and gentle smile, gave me the strength to continue.” — Robyn S. » read more client comments

How Triangle Mothercare Chooses Doulas

A doula is much more than a baby nurse or nanny, as her task is to support the entire family in every way needed to ensure speedy recovery for the mother, confidence for her partner, and special education in the care of the newborn. So caregivers chosen are calm, compassionate, and nurturing women with extensive experience in mothering new families. All go through the Triangle Mothercare training and mentoring program, and our doulas are trained by either Triangle Mothercare (TMC), CAPPA or DONA. The training covers:
baby, newborn, durham, cary, baby, overnight, breastfeeding

  • childbirth recovery
  • newborn care and development
  • care of preemies and multiples
  • breastfeeding support and infant feeding
  • support for postpartum depression, and
  • supporting all family members as they transition into new roles

All Triangle Mothercare doulas:

  • have background checks
  • are CPR certified
  • carry liability insurance, and
  • have all the necessary immunizations that pediatricians recommend for working with newborns

Owners of Triangle Mothercare, a Mother and Daughter’s Dream

doula, postpartum, baby, newborn, raleigh, overnightShelley Pelone, Postpartum Care Consultant/Postpartum Doula, Owner and Director, has spent the last several years helping to support a peaceful transition into parenting.  She has provided postpartum consulting for hundreds of families in the Triangle.  Shelley designs and coordinates a postpartum care plan specific to each family’s needs.  She has formed valuable relationships with other professionals in the “baby business” to ensure Triangle Mothercare doulas are current and up to date on the latest mother and baby care practices.  Shelley raised four children, all girls!

IMG_1977Heather Smith, Postpartum Doula, Certified HUG Your Baby Teacher (CHT) and Postpartum Consultant with Triangle Mothercare, started helping mothers care for their babies at an early age as a mother’s helper and that led to babysitting for friends of the family.  Heather graduated from University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with major in Psychology; concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis.   Heather is a Certified HUG Your Baby Teacher.  HUG Your Baby is an evidence-based program created by Jan Tedder, BSN, IBCLC and FNP; the program helps new parents understand baby’s body language in order to prevent and solve problems around eating, sleeping, crying, parent-child interaction and bonding (www.hugyourbaby.org).  She has completed several courses in lactation support (including using a breast pump), newborn care and safe sleep.  Heather is also a Counseling Mother in training with Nursing Mothers of Raleigh, a group of experienced mothers offering education and support to women who want to nurse their babies.  Heather is the very proud mother of her son, Jameson.

Shelley and Heather are both professionally trained postpartum doulas (DONA); in fact, they were trained by Marcia Thuermer, founder and former owner of Triangle Mothercare.  Marcia was the first DONA-certified postpartum doula in North Carolina and is still connected to Triangle Mothercare as a National DONA-Certified Postpartum Doula Trainer and consultant.

Triangle Mothercare was founded by Marcia Thuermer, North Carolina’s first certified postpartum doula, and has served the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area since 2002.  Hundreds of babies have had an especially secure introduction to the world because of Triangle Mothercare’s dedicated caregivers.

Vision For Triangle Mothercare

In the old days, the extended family provided ample support for new parents and their babies. Now the extended family is far-flung and many new families are left without care at this very vulnerable time. They are overwhelmed, exhausted, and they need mothering! The need for postpartum doulas is growing. Our agency is growing as well. We will continue to provide professionally trained and experienced caregivers that families will welcome into their homes with confidence and trust, knowing that our professionals will bring the highest standards of service to their job.

Every family has different challenges to overcome and each is so vulnerable in the beginning. We will support and nurture them through the difficulties that seem so big at the time but so small when they have been mastered. With the services of Triangle Mothercare, each family will come through their “new baby experience” more confident and empowered to parent this precious newborn child.

Warmest regards,
Shelley Pelone, Postpartum Care Consultant and Postpartum Doula
Owner and Director of Triangle Mothercare
Babie Bunnie Enterprises, Inc.


CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) is a non-profit international organization, founded in 1998 to offer the highest level of professional membership and training to childbirth and postpartum professionals.

DONA International (Doulas of North America, International) is an international training, certifying and regulatory body for birth and postpartum doulas with exceptional ethical standards of professionalism.