Preemies, Twins, and Triplets

Congratulations! You’re having twins? Or triplets? Or more??

What a wonderful gift — to be parents of multiples! However, the flip side of that surprising news is the apprehension — how will you manage? The challenges of babies arriving as a set can seem overwhelming, and many parents do not know how to prepare for it.


The secret to staying sane during the first year of multiples is to get as much help and support as possible. Triangle Mothercare can give you the peace of mind you need during this time. Our Postpartum Doulas will share with you many valuable tips on how to work with multiples. Our doulas have special training on how to care for preemies and multiples, and are available for daytime care and overnight care. Lack of sleep is one of the biggest concerns for parents, so overnight care is very much appreciated by mothers of multiples.

Some of the benefits our doulas provide to families of multiples include:

  • More sleep
  • Greater breastfeeding success, especially for simultaneous feeding
  • Suggestions for effective pumping
  • Getting multiple babies on flexible efficient schedules
  • Time- and energy-saving tips for handling multiples
  • Confidence that will result in successful outcomes
  • Reduced occurrence or severity of postpartum depression
  • Information about community support and resources for families with multiples


Premature babies come with so many extra needs! A preemie might be just a few days early or several weeks too soon. Multiples have a way of arriving early, and that really calls for extra help! Whether you have a preemie who arrives early alone or as a set of early multiples, you’ll have a lot going on during the days and nights as they struggle to mature.

When babies are born between 34 and 36 weeks (or earlier), they may have low birth weight and have difficulty breastfeeding. Many of them spend time in the NICU and may have physical challenges. These small, fragile babies require extra attention, which can overwhelm already-exhausted parents, who may have already spent weeks at the hospital. By providing expert and experienced care, a Triangle Mothercare doula will help ease the worry and burdens that new parents experience during this time.

“Dear Triangle Mothercare: We received much more out of your services than we ever imagined. Having triplets and being a first-time parent is daunting, but with Triangle Mothercare our confidence grew. The services, and our doula, have been an investment we recommend to any new parent.” — Jess C. » read more client comments

Some of the benefits we provide to parents of preemies are:

  • Greater breastfeeding success, for multiples too
  • Assistance with implementing alternative feeding methods to increase birth weight (as approved by your pediatrician or lactation consultant)
  • Education about developmental issues and expectations with preemies
  • Effective pumping techniques to increase milk supply
  • Confidence that will result in successful outcomes
  • Teaching kangaroo care and baby wearing
  • Emotional support, including reducing the occurrence or severity of postpartum depression
  • Information about community support and resources for families with preemies

Triangle Mothercare’s CPR-certified postpartum doulas have the training and experience with multiples and preemies that will help make your transition to parenting calm and enjoyable.