Daytime Doula Services

Triangle Mothercare Doulas provide the following services:

(daytime services are offered at a 4 hour minimum)

Baby Care and Education

General baby care such as diapering, bathing, cord care, holding and soothing, feeding and nurturing your baby…care so you can have time to rest and refresh. If you have older children this can give you time to spend with them so they can have special time with you.

We are full of information about babies and love to share it. Feeding issues, soothing techniques, information about physical and mental development, etc.


Checking on you regarding proper healing, answering your questions, helping you have time for showers and rest, and in fact, “nagging” you to get enough rest and nutrition!

Emotional support. We are good listeners and keep things confidential.


Helping you get a good latch, improve your milk supply, support for sore nipples, engorgement, mastitis and thrush/yeast. Helping you learn about pumping, milk storage and positioning while breastfeeding.

Bottle-feeding Guidance

How to prepare formula, types of bottles and nipples, cleaning and sterilizing bottles and equipment and making bottles for the night or next day.


Baby clothes

Housework and Kitchen Cleanup

Picking up and vacuuming living area, taking out garbage and emptying diaper pail.

Help with nursery set up or sorting baby clothes, arrange baby care stations.

Leave those dishes in the sink…we will load, run and unload dishwasher.

Wipe down kitchen counters and hand wash pots and pans.

Meal Prep

We will make simple lunches for you if you have ingredients on hand.

We will help prep and/or cook light meals for you (including shopping if that’s desirable).

We will make snacks for fridge such as cut up fruit, cut up salad fixings or sandwiches.


We can run errands including to grocery store and drug store.

We can go to the doctor’s office with you but you have to drive and be in your car.

Pet Care

We love dogs and cats and will do what we can to help your pets adjust to the new family situation. Tell us what they need and we will help with it.  We can take your dog for a walk if needed.

Baby Announcements and Thank You Notes

Will address envelopes and stuff them.


When out of scope of practice we will refer you to other professionals (ex: doctors, therapists, LC’s, sleep specialists, etc.).


While you are using our services the owner of Triangle Mothercare, Shelley Pelone, is available 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns.

Doulas and Night Nurses providing in home care for newborn babies, new mothers and families in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Willow Springs, Angier, Morrisville, Knightdale, Garner, Clayton and Wake Forest.